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Mar. 6th, 2014 11:17 am
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Located up in Northtown at the home of Twoey the Greenhouse, a make shift kitchen has been crafted. While still in the unfinished stages of construction as resources take time to find here, a small awning built over the entrance covers a "kitchen" area just large enough for one or two people to work in. There are no tables to sit at outside, and unfortunately if it rains the only people that are going to have cover are going to be the cooks right now, but a few logs, buckets and other things have been dragged over from various places for people to at least sit and enjoy their meals.

There's an extension of sorts to Box Bento - a "storage house" in Southtown that has electricity to help keep perishables from going bad. It's currently being protected by Blue Beetle and Impulse at Rin's request.

Rin is not asking for anything in payment as of right now, but donations of any sort are encouraged. Food is ideal, but things that can be traded also work as they can go towards the same. Don't abuse his generosity, though, or you will be cut off and he is not against giving a good punch in the face if you over step your bounds or attempt to steal from him.

If you have something you wish to give to Box Bento, please use the form below.

Thyme, coriander, sage, cinnamon, pepper
Green apples (starting to go bad)
Pinapple (starting to go bad)
Beans (starting to go bad)
Radishes (starting to go bad)
1 pizza kit
Strawberry jelly
Apricot jelly
Snake meat
Dried bear meat
Dried rabbit meat
5 chicken eggs
2 cases of bottled water

Tools and other
Can opener
Charcoal grill*
1 truck, 1/2 tank of gas left
1 truck*
1 bicycle
1 flashlight
2 boxes of candles
1 blanket

1 computer
1 laptop
1 carton of cigarettes
3 packs of batteries
1 flashlight

*belongs to Yusuke

(In use at the Exorcist House)
1 box of candles
2 blankets
1 bicycle (given to Yukio)

Current workers
Yusuke Urameshi (cook)
Seto Kousuke (cook)
Armin Arlert
Kano Shuuya
Reiner Braun
Jaime Reyes (Storage Security)
Bart Allen (Storage Security)

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"Yo. Okumura here. Missed your call, so leave a message or whatever..."
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Kano Shuuya. Not really sure what to think of this kid. Would almost be annoying if he didn't remind Rin of Shima so much.

Zim. First kind of sort of actual friend in town, if only by weird circumstances and a lot of screaming. Rin still doesn't know what a "corn-mouth" is.

Jesse Pinkman. Older guy, seems pretty weirded out by a lot of what's going on. Not that Rin blames him. Might need to talk to him more in the future.

Claire Redfield. Nice lady, even if they did meet by her beaning Rin with a door. Acts like she's been through something like this before. Not sure if that's a comfort or just worrying.

Armin Arlert. Kinda accidentally almost gave him a concussion with a door. Made it up to him by not being a complete asshat. He's nice and reminds Rin of Shiemi a tiny bit.

Blaine Anderson. Almost fell asleep against his hotel room door. There was a pattern of doors and bad first impressions for a while. Nice guy but seemed really out of sorts.

Santana Lopez. Has already accused Rin of being a creeper worthy of Chris Hansen intervention. Rin, of course, doesn't get the reference. Maybe someday they might get along. Maybe.

Night. It started with a trashcan... and now they're living together. Also kind of the only other exorcist in town right now. Also also face twin.

Saya Takagi. Don't ever call her a zombie. She's got one hell of a throwing arm. And boobs

Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura. Don't know much about him yet. Sweet skates though.

"Al" (Chris Redfield). Helped Rin get some weapons from the police station. Also happens to be Clarie's brother, but memory problems are a bitch.
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Player Information
Player name: Jeni
Contact: jenioctavia
Are you over 18: I'm as ancient as the sun-- Yes.
Characters in The Box Already: None!

Character Information
Character Name: Rin Okumura | 奥村 燐
Canon: Ao no Exorcist (anime)
Canon Point: End of the series
Is your character Dead, Undead or Alive: Alive

History @ Ao no Exorcist wiki
Straight anime canon history


The first thing most people think when they see Rin is “punk brat”. Even in his school uniform, he exudes the outward personality of some one who just doesn’t give a shit, who would rather punch you in the face first and ask questions later. Mussed hair, slouched posture, a constant scowl are usually the things that make up the first impression of Rin Okumura.

However there is a lot more to him than that, and he often surprises people with just how deep his personality goes. He’s certainly not as intelligent as his brother (or other people he’s around, really) but that’s not exactly by choice as his problems with fighting, lack of attention in school and inability to get along with other people his age most of the time prevented him from getting a proper education. He’s not against learning, he’s just not good at it, and struggles through even basic things like reading scriptures out loud or studying for long periods of time. This leads to him being a tad clueless, and often saying common phrases wrong, struggling with use of proper kanji and even getting basic facts wrong, like thinking a squid’s fins are it’s ears.

If presented with something he’s actually genuinely interested in, though, he will actively find ways to learn, like with cooking. He knows Japanese and Western recipes, but likely had to learn some of them from books that weren’t in Japanese. Since he wouldn’t be able to read them he probably taught himself to learn from the pictures instead of asking for help with reading.

Which brings us to one thing that is very apparent about him, underlying personality be damned. Rin is very, very prideful. He sports a flash of arrogance that borders on egotistical, but a lot of it his is pride covering up many of his other insecurities and shortcomings. When he thinks he’s done something good, he’ll tend to gloat and be overly enthusiastic about it. When he thinks he’s right, he refuses to listen to others or even listen to common reason. He’s headstrong to the point of literally headbutting a cat sith demon straight on in order to make him stop charging because he knew, in his mind anyway, that it was better to face Kuro head on rather than let the other exorcists potentially kill him just to end his fit. He’s often immature, demanding, noisy, easily frustrated/angered and even a bit annoying at times.

All that aside, though, he does have a lot of good traits that go hand in hand with some of his worse ones. He can connect with people on many levels - loss, grief, sorrow, ambition, drive, a desire to protect family and the people he cares about - and will often make friends (or even enemies) based on these connections. Befriending people, to him, brings about a level of connection and strength in relationship that cannot be broken for him by trivial things. Even when he was outed as Satan’s son, he tried as hard as he could to keep the friends he had made and make them believe that he could be trusted.

He’s actually surprisingly kind beneath his rougher exterior. He supports his friends and family no matter what, even going so far as to put their ambitions above his own, even when his ambitions are something like ‘surpassing Yukio (in rank)’ or ‘killing Satan (which is Bon’s desire also)’. That’s not to say he forgets his own - he just wants to be supportive of them more. A part of this likely comes from a deep seeded insecurity that he himself could never amount to anything due to his previous failings in life, though it’s unlikely he’d ever say this out loud. He, at the very least, can take pride in one major thing - his cooking. There is something about the way he smiles when he boasts these skills over any other that is much more genuine than the others.

He also has a soft spot for animals, a bit of a mischievous prankster side, and has a difficult time being serious in less dangerous situations or when his brother wishes he would be. He will probably be called childish and immature more than once, but it speaks a lot to what kind of person he really is when he’s not trying to prove something, or hide just how insecure he really is.

Abilities/Strengths and Weaknesses:

Due to his demon heritage, along with his training as an exorcist, Rin has a lot of traits and skills that come along with being half demon/half human. One of the major traits about himself that hints towards his being a demon even when he’s attempting to hide it is pointed ears and sharp canine teeth, but he also sports a long tail with a furred tuft at the end that he hid for a better part of a year underneath his shirt. He might be more inclined to hide it after he arrives if only because he will worry about how people will react to it. At least until he sees all the other weird things that the Digital World has.

But that aside, he has actual skills and abilities, too. He’s incredibly strong, able to lift cars, metal debris and other very heavy things without much effort at all. He even pulls a cart carrying a massive stone monument that even two or three normal people wouldn’t have been able to pull.

Due to having possession of the Kurikara, Rin does have some skill with a sword, but it’s very limited in comparison to other sword wielders like Shura or Angel. He’s training to be a Knight, but he hasn’t been training very long at all - a little less than a year. This makes him rely more on his other demonic abilities when fighting. If he trains hard enough in the future, though, he could eventually reach a level of skill like other Knights and learn to use other bladed weapons.

He is also very athletic, capable of running hard and fast and over decent distances without getting worn out or tired, and additionally able to preform acrobatic-like moves like high jumps, vaults, spins and other such things without any actual training while fighting. And being a demon, injuries more often than not only slow him down a little - regenerative powers from his heritage make it so that even gunshot wounds do little more than knock him unconscious for a time (five minutes to a half an hour depending on the severity of the injuries).. That’s not to say he can’t be seriously wounded or even killed, though, it would just take a massive display of power equal to or greater than his own to actually keep him down. It’s also speculated that because he’s a demon anything holy (water, light, power, ect) would likely cause him a great deal of pain or even slow/stop his regenerative ability. He’s also immune to most energy-draining attacks and things like miasma and gases that would normally knock people out or make them sick.

The kurikara acts as a a channel as well as a seal for his demonic powers - when sealed it keeps his demonic blue flames from appearing unless he deliberately lashes out with them, and even then they are toned down a great deal. They are still dangerous, though, capable of burning anyone who can’t physically handle Satan’s flames and potentially injuring them.

When the sword is unsheathed he taps in to more of his demonic power, lengthening his ears and teeth and surrounding him in blue flames, making him stronger and more difficult to take down. He can launch his flames outwards, either in bursts or in a certain direction, like when he rescued Shiemi from falling debris in Mephyland with a claw made of his flames. He can also use his sword to direct the flames in arcs at his enemy.

Unfortunately this comes with a massive risk - the increase in his flames also decreases Rin’s control over them and himself, and the more he fights and loses control the more he risks going in to a berserk rampage, potentially hurting anyone who might get in his way. And worse yet - should the sword break at all, he would lose control completely and absolutely and give in to his demonic side, degrading in to a terrifying, animalistic version of himself. If the sword cannot not be repaired with a special blessed metal, he would remain like this and likely be executed or imprisoned indefinitely. Luckily the sword was recently repaired and the likelihood of this happening again is very slim.

Because he knows this is a very real possibility, he has also been training to control his flames, doing things like attempting to light two candles out of three at the same time for better manipulation of them. He manages to accomplish this just before the final battle, convincing himself that they are his flames, and not Satan’s like everyone says. This amount of confidence in himself goes a long way towards how he can use his flames and his powers and not accidentally injure those he cares about or people he’s trying to protect, and keep him from being consumed by his power. He certainly doesn't have his control perfected by any means, but he's getting better, and time will tell if he is able to keep up his training.

He was also able to combine his power with Yukio’s newly awakened power at the end and fly up and destroy the Gehenna gate with a massive Phoenix made of their flames. Obviously he won't be able to do this without Yukio there with him.

And one final ability Rin has is the ability to communicate with other lesser demons through telepathy - he can hear them even when others can’t and can respond to them and be understood by them mentally.

Also, he’s a really, really good cook.

-Immunity: Some people have a unique immunity to Rin's flames. Rather than being burned or injured by them, they will instead feel little more than warmth and a bit of wind. Due to this being on a person by person basis, I will leave it up to the mun and request that if it comes up ICly, they reply to my separate powers permission post.

Network/Action Spam Sample:

Box test run with Night
Rin harassing his brother during an animal traits curse in Vatheon

Prose Log Sample:

Rin didn't mind quiet all that much. Sometimes it was calming, relaxing, a way to get his head together when he needed enough time to properly do it. He would take to isolated roof tops and quiet temples back home; places where the sprawling, noisy city of True Cross didn't quite seem to exist if only temporarily.

But this place...

Whenever there wasn't absolute terror running through the numbers of people that had been trapped in those two towns, both Northtown and Southtown just felt so oppressively silent. The kind of silence that felt like it was pulling at the seams of the world, to hide something much more sinister beneath it.

His gaze stared up at the old stone facade of the Northtown church, a scowl on his lips and hands in the pockets of a heavy but old jacket. A low mist clung to everything, only adding to that eerie sense that he had about the entire town.

He had grown up in a church, with a man of the Catholic faith, but this church held no familiar memories and no comforting presence to the teenage boy. His father was gone, passed long before his unfortunate arrival in Northtown, and his brother was still no where to be found.

Yet he stood there, staring at it for a long time, internally debating on entering just to see if he could find even the tiniest bit of calm and comfort in something that held at least a little meaning to him still. Of course he was unaware that the church was actually occupied in the home sense by some one important, but it didn't matter in the end. He couldn't bring himself to walk up those steps and open the door.

A sigh left him, and he turned away, footsteps shuffling slowly as he left the church and any thought of going inside.

Maybe he could find something actually edible to eat at Foodland...
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In Ao no Exorcist canon, Rin Okumura has what is called "The Flames of Satan". While he himself would rather claim them as his own, they are the same blue flames that his father, Satan, exhibits when possessing a living being on Assiah. Unlike Satan he cannot possess other people or things, but he can use them as a weapon.

That said, there are people who are immune to his flames. As in they do not burn, injure or other wise damage them. Since I don't think it's right for me to pick and choose who can and can't be immune to them, I would like to extend a permission's post to let people decide this, so leave me a comment here with your decision towards your character.

Immunity: Rin's flames won't burn or injure your character, even if he accidentally launches them or intentionally throws flames or tries to attack. They might feel warm, and there may be a bit of a wind along with them, but otherwise they won't do anything.

Non immunity: Rin's flames, even when accidentally thrown, will burn or harm your character. The intensity of the injury will be determined by how hard he's attacking. Rage-induced fits of flames or accidental launching will be no more than slight scorching or first degree burns, a full on attack will likely be third degree burns. Nothing will kill your character unless you specifically say that's what you wish to happen.

Thanks for your time. :)

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This is a general HMD for Okumura Rin from the anime Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist (anime) as played at The Box .
Want to tell me how I'm doing? Good, bad, otherwise? Let me know here! Just be nice. Half demons don't like trolls.


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